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Green Parcel

The challenge

Since online business is getting popular, the importance and need for more swift and flexible delivery services are also increased. However, one can send post and parcels during working hours. Senders have to go the post office during working hours and follow some procedures which are not convenient. Besides, there are only few parcel companies in the market who have a monopoly on the post-market. Each parcel company has its own collection centers, warehouses, and distribution centers all over the country. Also, these companies have thousands of delivery vehicles and also thousands of employees and a lot of formalities and paperwork. This system is time, money and energy consuming, which is also not sustainable.

The solution

Since Netherlands is well known for its logistic services, therefore, it requires a sustainable, fast, efficient and flexible delivery system to meet its increasing logistic requirements. For this purpose, the idea of Green Parcel Delivery Service is introduced which is green and sustainable. It does not need any extra effort or investment, instead, it totally depends on the existing social network and cooperation. Owing to the fact that the Netherlands is a small country, therefore, on daily basis, people travel with their vehicles (cars) from one part of the country to another (for different purposes, such as home, work, and study etc). That is why we can always see heavy traffic on roads, even at nights. So the idea is to optimize the rips and add more valuable to them by delivering parcels as well. In this way, travelers can earn extra money by delivering parcels. The idea is to use the existing social network for delivering parcels. Beside a noble cause and contribution the society, travelers can also earn some money, reduce traffic jam and CO2. In this way, Green parcel promotes CSR and increases speed and efficiency. It also creates more flexible job opportunity for anyone driving on the road to earn some extra money. After all, Green Parcel Service is also convenient for consumers who can post their orders (parcels) anytime and anywhere.

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