Smart Power Strip
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Smart Power Strip

The challenge

Power Strips lack behind the technological revolution. They are still not intelligent, not modular and not that environmentally friendly.

The solution

Our product, the Smart Power Strip, offers an amazing addition to your home. It is MODULAR: you can arrange and rearrange your power strip to your own likings. Whenever you want, wherever you want. It is SMART: you can control your strip using your smart device to turn off specific components, without having to crawl behind your closet. Also, it allows you to set custom scenarios and see the energy consumption of singular modules. It is ECO-FRIENDLY: you are reminded about your high energy consumption and optionally turns off connected devices whenever it goes to stand-by mode. This can save you up to €75,00 each year! It is MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: you can assemble different modules to configure your personal custom power strip to suit your own preferences. Do you want USB Modules? Or maybe just regular sockets? Maybe you like to have a wi-fi repeater perfectly blended in to stay connected everywhere? It is CUSTOMIZABLE: you can pick your own colours and cable-length! Make the strip truly blend in with your chosen environment without tripping over loose cables.

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