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The challenge

Every year in the Netherlands, about a hundred thousand havo and vwo students take their final exams. (Havo and vwo are the upper two levels of the secondary school.) These exams are the same throughout the entire Netherlands. To prepare extra well for these exams, many students buy exam bundles for the various subjects. These books contain the same amount of exercises for every domain (topic) of the subject. A student who, for example, will take the physics exam and performs good at the domain about radiation, but needs extra practice at the domain about quantum mechanics, gets the same amount of exercises as someone who performs good at quantum mechanics, but needs extra practice at radiation. This results in the fact that students buy much unnecessary practice material of which they throw away a big amount without having used it. This leads to: - Too much unnecessary information for the students, which costs them much time and opposes their learning achievements. - Too high costs for the buyer, because he also pays for exercises that he does not need. - Unnecessary high burden on the environment, because exercises that will not be used, are still printed.

The solution

To oppose these problems, we designed a personalized exam practice book, named ‘Gebundeld’. Via our website, the student can select which subjects he wants to practice and which domains of this subjects he finds difficult. Based on his choice, we compose a practice book specifically for him. This book is printed and send to the student. Because the student gets exactly what he needs, he can better prepare himself for his final exams, because he no longer gets lost in the huge amounts of unnecessary exercises. The student pays per page, so he only pays for the pages that he expects to use. Because only the pages that a student expects to use are printed, the environmental burden is decreased.

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