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AI forum

The challenge

As AI technologies improve, they create challenges and opportunities that are bound to radically change some aspect of society that we now take for granted. What will happen when a substantial part of workers (e.g. Truck drivers, translators, bank clerks) do not need to work? Shall we create new jobs or a jobless society? What are the implications for our economic system? What will define human identity once skills such as creativity are not solely human?

The solution

The questions are several, and the need to approach them is evermore urgent as the years (and even months!) go by. What are we waiting for? Let's gather our resources and join the biggest conversation of our time! In order to do this, we are going to establish a forum for knowledge co-production around the societal implication of AI. The plan is to begin here, in Twente, where expertise and resources in the tech field are plentiful. By collaborating across disciplines the AI forum can both stimulate an urgent public discussion, and provide policy-makers and professionals with reports, technology assessments, and advice. By pulling together expertise from different fields we can plan, evaluate the impact of AI on different aspects of society, and foster a peaceful and beneficial transition to the society of the future.

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