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The challenge

Dinner plan options are usually limited to cooking, buying pre-made food from the supermarket or order fast-food. Because cooking takes a lot of effort, people tend to consider the latter two options, which are innutritious, unhealthy, and expensive. On top of that, dinner time is a moment for people to socialize and reflect on their days together. When this moment is spent alone, an important moment of the day is taken away.

The solution

At the same time, so many people around you are cooking for their family, friends, or loved ones. When you already planned to cook, It takes little effort to cook a few extra meals. These meals can be made available on our platform for sale. Picobelly is a peer-to-peer platform for homemade food, bringing food-hungry people and cooks together. It opens up the possibility to provide quality homemade food for a fair price. Picobelly promotes a community where people cook for each other, and come together to eat together. Our platform makes it possible to easily join any dinner table, or take-away a home cooked meal at your current location. On our platform it is very easy for cooks to list meals that they cook. People can reserve a meal with the tap of a button, after which they get notified when their meal is ready. People can choose either to pick up their meal or to join for dinner. Via a rating system we guarantee quality for our users. All payment is handled within the application, no hassle.

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