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Carbon Core

The challenge

Current carbon fiber reinforced parts rely on a mold in order to obtain their geometry, which can be an expensive tool. Especially for small serie products the mold influences the price of the products, making carbon fiber parts financially unavailable for a large group of customers. The focus of this project is to remove the mold from the equation and making carbon reinforced parts available to everyone.

The solution

Using 3D print technology, a core can be printed with the right geometry on which the carbon fiber can be placed so that no mold is needed. Not only the geometry, but also holes, bearing housings and other functional properties, are captured by the 3D printed core, making the production very flexible and cheaper. Customers upload their 3D file online. They can choose different fiber types, stiffness, strength and other properties to create for example skis, hydrofoils or rotorblades exactly to their liking. Our software shows what the finished part will look like and prepares the file for printing. After the core has been printed, the fiber reinforced skins are added to the core in order to create a finished part. It will be delivered to your house a couple of days later.

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