The Art of Goal Setting
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The Art of Goal Setting

The challenge

We all have tried setting and reaching for ambitious goals, both in our personal and work environment. But sometimes it’s not enough to say ‘I’m doing it’, it’s not enough to try only once. You have probably experienced the difficulty of reaching goals at work, in your studies, dealing with unhealthy behaviors, or controlling your daily habits. Would you like to be in control? Would you like to build a path for your personal and professional success?

The solution

Inspired by the latest developments of behavior change science, we aim to create a solution that can support individuals in developing their ability to effectively set, pursue, and achieve their personal goals. The solution is a learning-based, smart and live goal-setting platform, here to help you develop your goal setting skills, learn about yourself, and share your achievements (and how you did it!) with the world. With our platform, you can see the recipe for your achievements, understand your shortcomings and room for improvement, and successively pursue your goal.

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