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1. Help in Privacy (e-law), just few times. 2. Marketing person, especially closer to Kickstarter campaign. 3. JavaScript/HTML5 game developer, after Kickstarter campaign if will be success.

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Instant Games

The challenge

Well, first of all it's B2C, so it's not a real societal problem, but description of business activities with focus on getting valuable feedback before Kickstarter campaigning August'18. This is not an abstract idea and live changing solution, rather than description of continued commercial project. Instant Games it's beginning of new game market, in "tap and play" technique, in short. Currently mobile game market is growing significantly, however gamers have to download game on their phone. Instant Games provides new solution, much more comfortable for the player - playing them without installation.

The solution

Instant Games it's a fresh idea of playing games without storing data physically on the phone, which means you don't have to install it from "traditional" store such as Google PlayStore/Apple AppStore. Space is not a problem, although Instant Games are up to 8-12 times smaller in size in comparison to native ones, but the gamer can simply tap and play in his/her phone. Basically, this is happening in popular chats, Messenger introduced this on larger scale just few months ago, Telegram and WhatsApp also have some activity in that, as currently all those chats slowly are becoming new game platforms, dedicated for Instant Games (as space in chats is important). Slowly major chats are becoming new channels for game developers, as it's beginning of that market it seems to be good moment to go into.

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