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General Skills: Students with enthusiasm to solve problems and create solutions for a smarter and more efficient city. Specific skills: Electronics and programming.

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Smart Cables

The challenge

The concepts of distributed generation of energy are increasingly present in our society mainly due to the evolution and reduction of the cost of renewable energies in recent years. Combining this change with the diffusion of the electric cars, the profile of energy consumption of the users is undergoing a drastic change. Although this evolution generates numerous benefits to the environment and the user, it ended up causing a need for revision in the distribution networks that must be able to support all this change of profile and continue with the same levels of security and reliability. These adjustments depend on the state in which each distribution line is located and the profile of the users they serve, but when this information is not detailed and reliable, the adjustments may become too expensive or worse, not be carried out in time and cause future system shutdowns.

The solution

This work proposes a simple and inexpensive way to acquire this data, collaborating for an efficient and optimized adequacy of our distribution system helping to collaborate with the continuity operation of the electrical system. The solution is based on using a low-cost, low-power equipment that has wireless communication and that can interact with each other. With these features the cost of implementation can be reduced, without the loss of measurement reliability and keeping data acquisition always online.

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