Big Eye: Business Intelligence for SMEs
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Big Eye: Business Intelligence for SMEs

The challenge

Big data is one of the buzz words in current innovation trends. The amount of data that is being gathered by companies is enormous. Multi-nationals can easily afford to analyse the data in-house. However, small to medium sized companies are either unaware of the value they could extract from their gathered data or they don't have the in-house IT to understand it and put it to use. Next to that, the upcoming legislation regarding the storage of information about customers scares them off due to the high fines placed on it.

The solution

By combining the knowledge of business processes from business administration students and the knowledge of understanding the data from computer science students, we will be able to improve various business processes of our clients. Our service can be used by small and medium sized companies which have gathered a lot of data and are interested in the value it can add to their company. This will be done in a flexible way. Clients who would be interested to cooperate with us could ask for advice on how to use their data in general, or they could give us specific areas they strive to improve on or provide us with their bottlenecks so we can return them more specific consultation. At last, we will ensure the future use of the clients’ data will be legal and safe to avoid any penalties for their firms.

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