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We are looking for team members
- General knowlegde about solar panels; - Expertise in batteries that can store large amounts of energy - Building and designing medium scale metal structures - Expertise in managing high current circuits - Expertise in recycling - Expertise in logistics - Expertise in political affairs - Financial skills that evolve around (crowd)funding projects

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The challenge

Currently, there are almost no possibilities for e-bike users to charge their electric bicycle. This decreases their range of use or their use in general. There is not enough support (yet) to build an infrastructure for e-bikes, even though there is demand for this from citizens and municipalities.

The solution

Providing solar powered off-the-grid charging stations for electric bicycles, while taking the recycling of our used products in mind. Eventually building and expanding a complete e-bike recharging infrastructure. "100% Solar powered, 70% recycled & completely off the grid, sustainable projects."

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