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The challenge

Spectrometers are devices used to separate light into individual wavelengths and are used in a wide range of fields. Traditional spectrometers, however, are generally large and expensive, and this limits the applications in which they can be used. More compact spectrometers would lead to a wider range of applications, such as in CubeSats, field spectrometers, or gas sensors.

The solution

FeathIR is a micro electrical mechanical system (MEMS) based spectrometer. The core of the device is a dispersion element smaller than 1 cubic centimeter. The device makes use of micro optics and nanofabrication to ensure a high resolution and wide wavelength range in an exceptionally compact form factor. The silicon wafer based fabrication allows for mass production, significantly reducing the cost per device. Furthermore, FeathIR is highly customizable, and can be adapted to work from visible light to mid infrared. FeathIR was designed by a team of five nanotechnology master students. We believe that FeathIR can open up new possibilities for spectroscopy, facilitating research in ways previously unavailable.

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