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The challenge

Cancer is the leading disease in mortality rates worldwide. As each patient and each tumour is different, varying patients require different forms of treatment for similar symptoms. Therefore, patients are treated based on probability of treatment succes. If a treatment is unsuccessful, this leads to increased treatment cost, time and reduced survival rates for patients.

The solution

To remove the chance factor in cancer treatment succes, we propose the CTCPure. The CTCPure is a microfluidic chip in which circulating tumour cells (CTCs) in a blood sample are isolated in a two step label-free process. Consecutively, the cells are immobilized and labelled using fluorescent biomarkers. By measuring which biomarkers stick to the CTC surface using fluorescent microscopy, a personalized cancer treatment plan can be designed per patient. Due to a mold based fabrication process, the chip is producible in bulk at low cost. The CTCPure removes the odds, improving cancer survival rates. The CTCPure is a project by five Nanotechnology master students.

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