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The challenge

According to top market analysts and leading consulting firms, the top five industries that blockchain will likely disrupt by 2020 are financial services, government, real estate, supply chain management, and media distribution. From the technical perspective, we could apply blockchain to many scenarios. However, not every situation requires blockchain, but there are some scenarios where it creates significant value compared to alternative technologies. Usually, these are shared business processes, with the organization in different industries such as financial services, manufacturing, or retail.

The solution

As the development of blockchain projects and the interest from a multitude of industries towards blockchain technology grows, more people will want to take part in this rising trend. We envision that SurgeCapital will provide a gateway via an innovative platform that allows investors and companies to learn about blockchain technology and its use-cases. Answering the following four questions can determine if blockchain is appropriate for the identified business scenario. -Do multiple parties share data? -Do multiple parties update data? -Is there a requirement for verification? -Can intermediaries be removed and reduce cost and complexity? The potential impact of blockchain is significant across all sectors and industries—from banking to government to healthcare and beyond: -Eliminates intermediaries increasing efficiency and speed. -Simplifies operations by reducing cost and time related to reconciliations and disputes. -Potentially enables new business models increasing revenue and savings. By exploring business patterns, our customers can now learn how blockchain can promote operational simplification, reduce the role of intermediaries, and potentially enable new business models. For each pattern, we provide an overview of our common needs and challenges, the potential benefits from applying blockchain, key near-term milestones for initial blockchain applications, and an use case sequence diagram. Using this approach is helping us to define reference architectures, and developing IP to reduce the time-to-market of blockchain solutions.

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