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Heart Tells

The challenge

Fear of failures, quarter-life crisis, lack of motivation and concentration, poor self-image, and anxiety are some problems students face in their university life. Although student psychologists are there in every university, it’s not easy for some people to show up and share their problems face-to-face. Therefore, in 2016, the national statistics office CBS mentioned that one in 12 people in the Netherlands say they suffered from depression.

The solution

When in trouble, students need support. But sometimes, friend or family isn’t there every time or probably those problems are too awful to be shared. That’s why we exist. Students can talk to us and we will have their backs. We provide a web-based platform where students can ask questions to a psychologist, talk through a live-chat, and call. All questions and answers will be publicly published. Don’t worry, their names will be set as anonymous if they chose so. This platform aims to communicate with students who have problems and educate all visitors with psychological contents. All suggestions will be given by experienced psychologists.

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